In 1978, IŞIK KARDEŞLER in the health sector for over 30 years, continues its activities. Inparticular it works on hospital equipment and experience in the industry with a production capacity has reached a leading position increasing with each passing day. Domestic sales as well as export sales also reached a very satisfactory situations.

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Our Vision 

To become a company that produces innovative and quality work in the light of wisdom and science and “Leaves Permanent Mark for Future Generations” as a company, placing special emphasis on people, cultural values and environment. Based on this conscience, Işık Kardeşler aims to work intensively for being among the leading 10 companies on the basis of financial turnover in Asian-European-African market and become either one of the top two producers in Turkey in terms of domestic and occupational electricity connection system and its elements.

Our Mission 

To be a high-class company that meets the suppliers and customer satisfaction, adopts technology and innovation, produces efficiency.

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